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April 23, 2017
Our attorneys

Chris L. Allyn
Randall G. Alt
J. David Arkell
Steven C. Bachar
James Belgum
Jack W. Berryhill
Abigail L. Brown
Theodore B. Brown
James T. Burghardt
James R. Cage
Nicole M. Chatham
Jordan L. Cohen, LL.M. (Tax)
Frederic K. ”Jerry” Conover
Kristin A. Decker
Rebecca B. DeCook
Keely C. Downs
Andrew T. Flynn
Erik K. Foster
Sara J. Francavilla
Paul R. Franke, III
Mike L. Fredregill
Charles Greenhouse
Scott P Greiner, LL.M. (Tax)
Lynne M. Hanson
Jay D. Hermele
Patrick J. Hickey
Scott C. James
William C. Jensen
Bethany A. Johnson
William F. Jones
David J. Katalinas
John W. Kellogg
Craig J. Knobbe
David A. Laird
Eric B. Liebman
Thomas M. List
Stephanie D. Loughner
Charles F. Luce, Jr.
Marilyn W. McWilliams
Jonathan E. Milgrom
John E. Moye
Edwin A. Naylor
Nicholas M.P. Reckman
Kelly Reiman, LL.M. (Tax)
Dean Richardson
Carrie A. Rodgers
Patricia J. Rogers
David C. Roos
Amy H. Ruhl
Dominick Sekich
Lorni Sharrow
Eric V. Snyder
Andrew D. Spruiell
Jennifer L. Stenman
Timothy M. Swanson
Kristen L. Sweat, LL.M. (Tax)
Jake J. Tiernan
Edward (Ted) D. White


Managing partner
Thomas M. List


Executive director
Dean Nakayama

Our attorneys

Moye White's attorneys are dedicated to exceptional client representation. We are skilled and competitive, experienced and innovative, and have a keen understanding of today’s legal and commercial marketplaces.

As advisors, counselors, litigators, arbitrators, and mediators, our specialties and perspectives are as varied and unique as those of our clients. We are business owners, entrepreneurs, financiers, scholars, and community activists who can relate to and prepare for the challenges our clients encounter on a daily basis.

A number of our partners are recognized as leading authorities in their areas of practice. Many serve as regional or national counsel for clients located in Colorado and throughout the United States. We also represent interests in the European Community, the Americas, and the Pacific Basin.

Our attorneys forge long-term collaborations with clients.  Our core purpose is to partner with our clients to furnish excellent advice and creative solutions.