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Innovation in motion

Innovation is the key to change, and change is instrumental to progress. And just as the world evolves, so too must the art of legal representation. At Moye White, we continue to build upon our services, capabilities, and resources with one eye on the future to serve our clients well today and to prepare them for the world of tomorrow.

We understand that, in order to offer the best legal counsel, we must embrace groundbreaking methods at all levels. Our advancements include

  • A unique legal model based on collaboration and teamwork that offers coordinated resources and heightened responsiveness;
  • Integrated client, records, time, and accounting management systems;
  • An enhanced technological framework, featuring dedicated servers and secure networks, supported by more than five miles of fiber optics;
  • Electronic resource library;
  • Remote access, secure communications;
  • Online filing of most basic legal forms;
  • Designated, on-site client project areas;
  • Dedicated clients extranets to store and share case documentation; and
  • Continuing education opportunities for all staff members.

We realize it's not always easy to think ahead, but we know that it's essential to move forward and reward the trust you have placed in us.


Quick facts

  • Year founded : 1976
  • Number of attorneys : 40
  • Volumes in libraries : 843,116
  • Number of neon sculptures : 1
  • Fine arts board members : 12
  • Miles of fiberoptics : 5
  • Dedicated client servers : 9
  • Professional authors: 40
  • Articles published in 2006 : 68
May 22, 2007