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Frequently asked questions

Following are some frequently asked questions about Moye White's hiring focus, criteria, training, and other career-oriented issues.

What is Moye White's recruiting focus?
We actively recruit highly qualified women and men for entry- and lateral-level associate positions. The firm makes offers only to applicants we believe will be likely candidates for future partnership and who have a long-term commitment to practicing in Denver. We recruit third-year law students and current judicial clerks for our entry level associate positions.

What are the hiring criteria?
The firm gives substantial weight to maturity, life experience, law-related and other work experience, as well as dedication to legal excellence. We carefully consider academic performance and prefer candidates from distinguished law schools who are highly ranked in their class. We favorably consider service on a law review or similar academic endeavors. We also review writing samples, work experience (such as judicial clerkships) and professional recommendations in order to determine if an individual's character, judgment and potential will match that of our firm.

What type of orientation does Moye White provide for associates?
All Moye White employees go through a formal orientation program. We treat the first few years of associates' careers flexibly and do not typically follow a formal practice area rotation or assignment schedule. Our goal is to help new lawyers explore and develop their own strengths and areas of interest while receiving broad exposure. We also try to provide associates with a greater degree of responsibility sooner than other firms.

How does your associate training program work?
Our associate training program consists of regularly scheduled luncheon programs, practice group meetings, and other seminars throughout the year. Moye White's success is a direct result of our quality legal representation, responsiveness to clients, careful business planning and attention to the ideas and needs of our attorneys and staff. In order to achieve the level of competence we strive to meet, we provide an arena for professional growth that distinguishes our services above other law firms.

What type of benefits does the firm offer?
All full-time employes are eligible for medical, dental, disability, life, and AD&D insurance, a 401(k) plan, dependent care and healthcare flexible spending account, paid holidays, vacation, and sick days, as well as a public transportation pass, reduced-cost parking, and a business-casual dress code.

What is your partnership track?
We first consider associates for admission to partnership no later than the end of their eighth year out of law school, provided they have been with the firm for at least a year

What type of work does a first-year associate receive?
Associates receive a variety of work. Work assignments are made through section leaders. We encourage associates to practice in all areas of law within the firm.

What is your annual billing requirement for associates?
Associates are expected to work 1800 billable hours per year. Hours committed towards the firm's pro bono practice are given billable hour credits toward the lawyer's annual minimum requirement

What is your evaluation process?
We currently review all associates at year-end. Associates are reviewed by partners. Each associate is also asked to review all the partners. Partners then conduct review sessions with each individual associate separately.


June 18, 2018