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It's about teamwork

The Denver-based law firm of Moye White LLP offers strategic representation in complex commercial transactions and disputes. Our clients range from entrepreneurs and start- ups to mid-size and established corporations, organizations, and associations. In addition, we provide essential counsel for many national law firms that trust us with intricate cases.

Our attorneys, paralegals, and administration collaborate in a unique, team-oriented environment. We take the time to get to know our clients, understand their interests, and help define their future goals. Attorneys from our Business, Real Estate, and Trial sections often consult with one another on case specifics. This team concept fosters increased communication, streamlined processes, and shared knowledge that results in informed, relevant counsel.

At Moye White, our attorneys have a reputation for excellence and an eye for detail. We integrate experience, commit- ment, creativity, and collaboration with premium service to create the best-possible client-attorney partnership and add value for the long term.

Founded in a tradition of excellence, we embrace new methods, technologies, and perspectives to serve as effec- tive legal advocates. Whatever the case, matter, or issue, the resources of the entire firm are behind each and every client.


Quick facts

  • Year founded : 1976
  • Number of attorneys : 40
  • Volumes in libraries : 843,116
  • Number of neon sculptures : 1
  • Fine arts board members : 12
  • Miles of fiberoptics : 5
  • Dedicated client servers : 9
  • Professional authors: 40
  • Articles published in 2006 : 68
May 22, 2007